Ritchie Brothers (Scotland) Ltd.

Ritchie Brothers (Scotland) Ltd.


Heatherwood, Seafield

 Housing Development

Client: Ritchie Brothers (Developments) Ltd 

Tender Value: 4,500,000.00 

Programme: 48 Months


This prestigious housing development in Seafield, West Lothian was carried out by Ritchie Brothers (Developments) Ltd, to create affordable housing in this small village. 

A major challenge in the development was the requirement for a new 8m deep pumping station to replace an existing station. The works had to be carried our while maintaining the operation of the existing station which served much of the village. Combined with over 1000m of sewer pipe, some up to 8m deep, the pumping station was successfully installed, without any disruption to the outlying areas of the village. 

56 homes were built through three phases with a combined programme of over 4 years, and the site has become one of the most successful projects carried out by Ritchie Brothers (Developments) Ltd. 

As a result of the project, Ritchie Brothers (Scotland) Ltd, recently carried out the construction of a 5 bedroom individually designed property on a gap site in the development.