Ritchie Brothers (Scotland) Ltd.

Ritchie Brothers (Scotland) Ltd.


Dedridge Baptist Church, Livingston


Client: Dedridge Baptist Church Congregation 

Contract Value: 188,500.00 

Programme: 28 Weeks


The works comprised the erection of a two storey extension to the existing Church building, including all associated drainage and internal works. As the Church is a publicly funded organisation and the congregation made an application to the Baptist Union for a loan, the funds used were auditable and as such Ritchie Brothers worked closely with the Church to ensure the audit process was successful. 

The construction of the foundations and the erection of the timber kit and steel supporting structure was successfully co-ordinated using a number of different trades and close contact with the engineer was required, as the foundations required various levels of excavation to account for the sloping site. A large retaining wall was constructed as Dedridge West Road lies almost at first floor level of the new extension.